Spiced Apple

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Spiced Apple Ice tea

If you feel like a reviving pick me up, then tantalize your taste buds with our delicious Spiced Apple tea. A wonderful blend of fruity Apple and invigorating ginger, laced with cinnamon.

Further, this infusion tea is a comforting drink with a gentle sweetness, that as well as revitalizing you allows you to let go and relax. End your day on a high note.

Ingredients of Spiced Apple Tea: Apple, Hibiscus, Chai mix, Cornflower petals, and vanilla 

How to Steep fruity tea?

  1. Use fresh, cool, oxygenated water. pre-heated or hot tap water(8oz of water).
  2. Heat water to just boiling (208 degrees/98 degrees Celsius)
  3. Steep for 5-7 minutes. For stronger flavor.
  4. If you need, add sweeteners to your own preferences. Relax and Enjoy!

How can I buy pure Ceylon tea wholesale?

Let us first start by welcoming you to Hellens Tea your chicer in our company is a major step forward for your company to become a retailer of Sri Lankas Finest Gourmet Ceylon teas.

Our pricing for our wholesale sales is very competitive, we only offer the finest pure Ceylon teas. So do not hesitate to ask for the best quotation for wholesale.

We certify that our teas are a pleasure to drink. Makes a great cup of tea! 


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