Uva Tea Region

UVA teaThe Uva tea region of Sri Lanka sits between 3000 and 5000 feet above sea level.

The world-renowned district of Uva is a very different area from the other tea districts. It is a champagne tea area. Uva experiences a very individual and different quality season.

The dry cool wind coming in from the North/East off the ocean.

It traditionally arrives at the end of July to the middle of August. However, with recent variability in weather patterns, 1997 saw the wind arrive in the first week of September.

The wind has the effect of making the bush sense a state of drying and therefore the leaves close-up and the leaf chemicals concentrate into the lowered fluid levels in the cells of the leaves and when picked this concentration conveys a very concentrated high balance of flavor brought out in the rolling process. 

The unique character of Uva tea recognizes and acknowledged all over the world. It was with tea grown and manufactured on his Uva tea estates that Sir Thomas Lipton, the great Victorian magnate, first persuaded Americans to take up the tea-drinking habit.

The mellow, smooth taste of Uva tea easily recognizes from any other.

The Uva region produces a leaf that is more blackened by withering than that of any other district.

The range of teas produced is wide, with a full range of whole and small-leaf grades as well as CTC varieties