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Uva Tea Region

UVA teaThe Uva tea region sits between 3000 and 5000 feet above sea level.

Uva tea district is different from other tea-growing regions, known for its champagne tea. Uva experiences an individual quality season, with dry cool winds blowing from the North/East off the ocean. These winds arrive between the end of July and the middle of August, causing the leaves to close up and concentrate the leaf chemicals on lowered fluid levels.

This unique drying process gives its recognizable and renowned characteristics, known and acknowledged all over the world. Sir Thomas Lipton even started tea growing and manufacturing in the region, where the tea is mellower and smoother than in any other area.

Moreover, Sir Thomas Lipton started tea growing and manufacturing tea in this district, which is now called the Lipton Estate. The tea from Uva has gained worldwide recognition for its mellowness and smooth taste, making it easily distinguishable from other tea regions.

In addition, at Hellens Tea, we source the best quality broken tea grades from the district to produce our premium milk tea blends, including Hong Kong milk tea and English breakfast tea. Experience the unique flavors and aromas by trying our collection of tea blends.

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