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Distinguish High, Mid, and Low grown Tea growing regions

Ceylon Tea growing regionsDifferent Tea growing regions in Sri Lanka are known for their unique tea production. As the largest exporter of high-quality black tea in the world under the Ceylon tea symbol, Sri Lanka has gained a reputation for producing some of the best teas globally. While the majority of its production is black tea, Sri Lanka also produces green and white tea.

Interestingly, Ceylon tea is more popular in the Middle East and Russia than in Western countries. Sri Lanka’s tea-growing regions include both lowland and mountainous areas, with widely variable climates. As a result, the location greatly affects the type of tea produced under the Ceylon tea brand.


Tea is grown in slopes at three different elevations 

  1. 4000 ft above sea level (high grown)
  2.  between 2000 ft. and 4000 ft. (mid- grown)
  3. below 2000 ft. (low grown)

Blending teas from different regions of Sri Lanka, which have unique characteristics based on their elevation, produces a wide range of tea grades under the Ceylon tea brand. The blends range from full-bodied to light and delicate, but all Ceylon teas are known for their brisk, full flavors and bright golden color.

What are the main Tea growing regions in Sri Lanka?

  • Ceylon black tea

Most of the tea produced in Sri Lanka is Ceylon Black Tea. The production of this tea results in a crisp aroma with citrus notes and is utilized as a standalone and blended type. Different estates across Sri Lanka grow it, and their altitude and flavor profiles vary.

  • Ceylon green tea

The fuller body and a more pungent, rather malty, nutty flavor characteristic are generally associated with Ceylon green tea. There are different grades of green tea, including OP Full Leaf Green Tea (whole leaf), Gun Powder Green Tea, Fannings, and Dust Green Tea. These grades vary in terms of leaf size and flavor intensity.

  • Ceylon white tea

Ceylon white tea is classified into two grades, namely “Silver Tips/Silver Needle white tea” and “Golden Tips/Golden Needle white tea”. The prices of white tea in Sri Lanka per kilogram are significantly higher than other teas, as white tea requires high labor involvement in tea production.

Hellens Tea produces natural sun-dried hand-made white tea, which has a delicate and light liquoring with notes of pine and honey, and a golden coppery infusion.

We identify the following tea growing regions in Sri Lanka

Main Tea growing regions (areas)

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