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We are one of the leading high-quality Ceylon tea wholesale suppliers in Sri Lanka.  And, with us, you can explore a massive range of Ceylon’s finest tea. We produce and supply a large variety of premium quality Ceylon tea, including Ceylon black tea, Ceylon green tea, and Ceylon white tea. Our top sellers are Ceylon Orange PEKOE, Earl Grey, Silver Needle White Tea, Green tea gunpowder, Masala chai tea, and forest fruit tea. Most importantly, Hellens tea is also one of the few pure Ceylon tea manufacturing and exporting companies in Sri Lanka. Especially, all our Ceylon tea varieties are harvested under standard farming conditions and we strongly comply with international safety standards.

In addition, we guarantee our buyers consistent quality, freshness, aroma sealed packaging, timely deliveries, and excellent customer service. And, that’s the dedication that separates us from other Tea suppliers. In short, we take great pride to offer premium quality tea in Sri Lanka.


There are wide varieties of Ceylon teas available in the market. In Sri Lanka, mainly we produce Ceylon Black tea, Green tea, White tea (Sliver needles white tea), and Oolong tea as main categories.

Further, you can buy different tea grades from each category. For example, in a black tea category, you can buy Orange Pekoe black tea, PEKOE black tea, BOPF, English Breakfast, etc.

You can buy all these grades from Hellens Tea

Further, at Hellens Tea, we supply certified Organic tea (USDA, EU, and JAS), as well as conventional tea in Sri Lanka.

If you want to buy our tea at wholesale prices, you can contact us for best tea prices +94 72 825 1384 or sales@hellenstea.com

Most importantly, all online purchases on our website (www.hellenstea.com), you will buy all types of tea grades at retail price (in USD).

Therefore, our wholesale page guides you to request our wholesale tea prices.

Yes, we can arrange any of our tea samples to taste/try before the original order.
Therefore, you need to select the exact type of tea grades that you need to taste as samples. after that send us your sample requirements to sales@hellenstea.com

Do you offer FREE tea samples?

Yes, our Tea samples are totally FREE but we charge only for courier cost of the samples. else you can arrange the pickup.

We do not supply tea in Sri Lanka (Locally for local buyers).

We do not have an outlet or any distribution methods in Sri Lanka. However, if you still want to taste our tea. You can purchase our tea online on our website. And we deliver to your doorstep.

Are you looking for wholesale Tea Prices? Contact Now! +94 72 825 1384


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