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Welcome­ to Hellens Tea, your trusted source for premium Ceylon tea. We­ supply a lot of Ceylon tea to many pe­ople. You can try our black tea, gree­n tea, and white tea. All have­ a unique taste.

Our top-selling teas are­: Ceylon Orange PEKOE, Earl Grey, Silve­r Needle White­ Tea, Green te­a gunpowder, Masala chai tea, and forest fruit te­a.

Create a standout Ceylon Tea experience

Ceylon te­a is one of the greate­st teas in the world. Hellens Tea is one of the pure Ceylon tea manufacturing and exporting companies in Sri Lanka. We make­ sure to grow our tea in good farming ways and follow safe­ty standards.

At He­llens Tea, we are­ proud to give buyers great quality, fre­sh tea, good packaging, on-time delive­ries, and awesome custome­r service. This makes the­m different from other te­a sellers. In short words, we commit to giving the­ best quality tea in Sri Lanka. We promise­ customers complete satisfaction with every purchase.

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Ceylon Black Tea

Taste the­ beauty of Sri Lanka with every sip of our ve­ry good black tea. This tea is from the gre­en gardens of the pre­tty island. Sri Lanka black tea captivates tea enthusiasts worldwide with its unparalleled taste and distinct character. Discover the perfect balance of robustness and aroma that sets our premium Black tea apart. Elevate your tea experience with Hellens Tea, your gateway to the finest Sri Lanka black tea varieties.

Black Tea
Green Tea

Ceylon Green Tea

Immerse yourself in the world of natural goodness with our premium Sri Lanka Green Tea collection. Sourced from the bountiful tea estates of Sri Lanka, our Green tea is renowned for its vibrant taste and health-boosting properties. Unleash a refreshing and rejuvenating experience with every cup. Embrace the purity of nature with Hellens Tea, your ultimate destination for the finest Sri Lanka Green Tea varieties.

Sri Lanka Herbal Tea

Whether you crave a tranquil moment with White Tea or a burst of delightful flavors in Fruit Tea or Herbal Tea, we have the perfect blend for every tea enthusiast. Experience the joy of fruit-infused tea or embrace the soothing embrace of nature with our Herbal Tea selection. Shop with confidence at Hellens Tea, your ultimate destination for the finest and most satisfying tea experiences. Elevate your tea rituals and explore a world of tea delights with us today.

Herbal Tea
Organic Hellens Tea

Organic Ceylon Tea

At Hellens Tea, we take pride in offering an exceptional range of Sri Lanka Organic Tea, sourced from lush tea estates cultivated with care and sustainability. Indulge in the pure goodness of nature with each sip, knowing that our teas are certified organic by USDA, EU, and JAS, ensuring no harmful chemicals or artificial additives.

Discover the Exquisite World of Ceylon Tea
from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, formerly known as “Ceylon,” is where Ceylon tea originates. Therefore, many products from Sri Lanka are branded as Ceylon, including Tea. Ceylon tea is renowned for its unique taste and distinct characteristics in each variety.

In addition to being a delicious beverage, tea is also healthy, with numerous health benefits. Research has shown that drinking tea can significantly reduce the risk of several serious illnesses.

Black tea is the most popular type of Ceylon tea around the world. Hellens Tea takes pride in providing premium-quality tea with consistent taste and freshness. Moreover, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other tea suppliers.

Sri Lanka “Ceylon Tea” History

The tea industry in Sri Lanka began in 1867. The Scotsman named James Taylor planted the first tea seedlings in the country. In the following years, the tea industry grew rapidly. and Sri Lanka was one of the world’s largest tea producers.

Ceylon tea gained popularity in the United Kingdom and Europe during the British colonial period and remains beloved worldwide. In fact, the unique taste and aroma of Sri Lanka tea come from its distinctive climate and soil.

 and Grades of Ceylon Tea – Buy from Hellens Tea” When it comes to Ceylon tea, there is no shortage of options. In Sri Lanka, the main categories of Ceylon tea include Black tea, Green tea, White tea (Silver needles white tea), and Oolong tea. Each category also offers a range of different tea grades, such as Orange Pekoe, PEKOE, BOPF, English Breakfast, and more.

At Hellens Tea, we offer a vast selection of tea grades from each category to meet the unique preferences of our customers.

Additionally, at Hellens Tea, we provide both certified organic tea (USDA, EU, and JAS) and conventional tea in Sri Lanka.

Organic certifications

Enchanting Brews: Exploring the World of Hellens Tea

Hellens Tea FAQs

What is the best packaging for tea?

If you’re looking for customized packaging for your tea order, Hellens Tea can help. We offer private-label packaging options for tea orders.

For example, tea bags, tea boxes, tins, bulk packing in paper sacks, pyramid tea pouches, and loose-leaf canisters/packaging. In addition, we accept private-label packaging orders to meet your specific needs.

Can I request tea samples before we place the original order?

At Hellens Tea, we understand that tasting tea samples can be important before making a bulk purchase. That’s why we offer the option to request tea samples before placing an order. Simply select the tea grades you want to taste and send your sample requirements to [email protected].

While our tea samples are free, we do charge for the courier cost of the samples. Alternatively, you can arrange for pickup.

How to Buy Ceylon Tea at Wholesale Prices?

Looking to buy our premium quality Ceylon tea at wholesale prices? Contact us at +94 72 825 1384 or [email protected] for the best deals. 

All tea grades are available for purchase at retail prices (in USD) on our website. Contact us for more information and start your wholesale order. Shop now for your favorite tea varieties!

OEM Hellens Tea

Unlock Your Private Label Ceylon Tea Dreams with Hellens Tea

At Hellens Tea, we take pride in offering premium private-label packaging services, designed to bring your tea vision to life. Whether you’re a tea retailer, reseller, or own a brand, our dedicated team will closely collaborate with you to create bespoke packaging that truly showcases your unique identity.

With a wide array of options, including customized labels, packaging designs, and branding elements, we ensure your private-label tea will stand out vibrantly in the market. You have the freedom to choose from our extensive range of high-quality teas, which includes Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Fruit Tea, and Herbal Tea, to craft your very own signature blends.

Experience the utmost ease and professionalism in our private label packaging services at Hellens Tea, where our commitment to delivering excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction is unparalleled. Your tea creations deserve to shine, and with Hellens Tea as your trusted partner for private-label packaging solutions, they undoubtedly will. Get started on your tea journey today – contact us and unlock the potential of your tea brand with Hellens Tea!

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