Tea PackagingTea packaging for my order?

Hellens Tea has the capacity to produce your own custom packaging in tea bags, tea boxes, tin, bulk packing (paper sacks) pyramid tea pouches, loose-leaf canisters/packing, designing your packaging, printing. so you can simply go with any packing you want with us.

So, Our packaging options are flexible with your demands. Whether you are re-seller or a bulk supplier requiring mass shipments across the country, we work closely with you to ensure an efficient packaging solution.

Private Label Packing

You can pack pure Ceylon teas under your own brand name with the assistance of veteran tea tasters of Hellens Tea Private Ltd. Hellens Tea undertakes value-added tea packaging’s for any verity of Tea bags.

We assist you in developing your desired artwork, Tea packaging type and pure Ceylon tea which will exactly match the requirement of your market.

Hellens Tea undertakes private label packing for following verities of tea bags.

  • String and Tag packing – Naked Tea Bags.

  • Pyramid packing – Nylon Mesh

  • Pyramid packing – Soilon Mesh

We can arrange the inner Box as you preferred. Most selling packing types are 2g x 25 and 2g x 100. Our minimum order quantity is just 500 number of Inner boxes.

We do guaranty the quality of packing with a transparent shrink wrapping for each carton. All other requirements can be fully customized.