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Tea Packaging

How do we do the Tea packaging of your order?

At Hellens Tea, we offer custom packaging options for your tea orders, including tea bags, boxes, tins, bulk paper sacks, pyramid tea pouches, and loose-leaf canisters. You can choose any type of packaging that suits your needs.

We are flexible and can work with you to ensure an efficient packaging solution. Also, if you are a reseller or a bulk supplier, we have a packaging solution for you.

Private Label Tea Packing

Hellens Tea offers the option to pack pure Ceylon tea with your own brand name, with the guidance of experienced tea tasters. We provide various value-added tea packaging options, including tea bags, tea boxes, tins, paper sacks, pyramid tea pouches, and loose-leaf canisters.

Further, our packaging solutions are customizable to meet your specific requirements, whether you are a reseller or a bulk supplier needing mass shipments across the country.

We help you develop your desired artwork and tea packaging style, and assist you in selecting the appropriate tea grades for your target market. In short, we understand the market’s preferences and can cater to them.

At Hellens Tea, we offer private-label packing for various types of tea bags.

  • String and Tag packing – Naked Tea Bags.
  • Pyramid packing – Nylon Mesh
  • Pyramid packing – Soilon Mesh

Moreover, at Hellens Tea, we offer flexible box packaging options tailored to your preferences. Our best-selling options are 2g x 25 and 2g x 100 tea bags, and we can arrange any other packaging type you desire.

We offer a low minimum order quantity, to begin with your private-label packaging.

Our packaging quality is guaranteed, and we add transparent shrink wrapping to each carton for additional protection. We can fully customize all your requirements. Get started today by contacting us!

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