Orange Pekoe Pure Ceylon black tea



Tea Grade: OP(Orange Pekoe)-Loose Leaf black tea

Orange Pekoe Tea stands for a large-leaf tea, and the dark, even leaves of this tea are indicative of a really good Ceylon. Apart from herbal blends, all tea comes from the same tea plant. Special names come to the tea based on the process of manufacturing in the tea factory.

All tea factories in Sri Lanka produce Loose-leaf orange pekoe tea but leaf size are different in each area, the larger leaf comes from Low grown tea area. high grown area orange pekoes are smaller and thinner than low grown areas.

OP(Orange Pekoe) is in middle the between OPA and OP1, Orange Pekoe loose leaf tea is delicious served Rich, bold flavor without any bitterness with warm milk.

Hellens Tea features pure Certified Organic Tea ( USDA, EU, JAS), the best you can buy.

  • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka(Ceylon)

How can I buy pure Ceylon tea wholesale?

Let us first start by welcoming you to Hellens tea your chicer in our company is a major step forward for your company to become a retailer of Sri Lankas Finest Gourmet Ceylon teas.

Our pricing for our wholesale sales is very competitive, we only offer the finest pure Ceylon teas. So do not hesitate to ask for the best quotation for wholesale.

How to make a perfect cup of tea?

  1. Use fresh, cool, oxygenated water. pre-heated or hot tap water.
  2. Heat the water and pour it directly over the leaves. (Use about one teaspoon of tea per cup.) For black tea, allow the water to come to a gentle boil.
  3. Steep the tea in an infuser about four to five minutes for black tea, Then remove the tea leaves.
  4. Perfect tea is brewed one cup at a time. Personal tastes, vary, of course — you’ll want to adjust the measurements and brewing times according to your own preferences.
  5. Add sweetener/milk according to your own preferences. Relax and Enjoy!

We certify that our teas are a pleasure to drink. Makes a great cup of tea! 

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2 reviews for Orange Pekoe Pure Ceylon black tea

  1. Rishard

    Best tea.. Premium quality.. awesome

  2. Chris

    I bought this tea “OP” grade, still love it, look forward to buying it again

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