To Dunk or not to Dunk that is the question

The correct way to enjoy that Great British institution, the noble cuppa.

whether it is nobler to suffer the jests and ridicule of social snobbery or to enjoy that which must be enjoyed that is the question.

Dunking of the biscuit is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. it is not merely sticking a biscuit in a hot drink till it is soggy no my friends it is an exquisite art that is enjoyed by nobility and commoners a like It is what makes the British cuppa a truly outstanding world leader in the art of refreshment.

To dunk though is more than an art, yes the technique is important but so is the biscuit, I favour the rich tea for its staying power and it beats in my opinion the digestive by a long, long margin If you dunk timidly hoping no one will notice you will miss out on the pleasure of a good dunk.

The biscuit should be dunked until it becomes moist without being so soggy it falls apart. Only practice makes this art perfect. Although it’s a custom frowned upon by some, one can’t help but wonder if their distaste is a result of good manners, or simply an aversion to the risk of losing half a biscuit to the murky depths of the cup.

Dunking is a three-step process:

  1. Dunk half the biscuit, suck/eat that dunked section;
  2. Dunk half of the remaining piece (a quarter of the original biscuit), and eat that;
  3. Dunk final triangle of biscuit, whilst pinching one corner.

If the biscuit is chocolate covered, you dunk but then lick off the chocolate at each stage before eating the biscuit underneath. It is a process fraught with danger, in that you may apply too much pressure with your tongue and/or over dunk, but persevere and, in time, you will achieve a level of biscuit Zen where, just by looking at it, you can gauge what stress or how much liquid a biscuit can take.

Let’s face it, dunking biscuits is a fine art and safe dunking time varies from biscuit to biscuit However, there is one other critical influencing factor and that’s the temperature of your drink. Unsurprisingly, the hotter the cuppa, the quicker your chosen biscuit is likely to disintegrate. So just remember, patience is a virtue!

Happy dunking my friends.

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