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To Dunk or not that is the question

Dunking is not just a simple act of dipping a biscuit in tea until it’s soggy. It’s a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation and requires an exquisite technique. To achieve the perfect dunk, the biscuit should be moist but not so soggy that it falls apart. With practice, anyone can master the art of dunking and enjoy a truly outstanding British cuppa.

Tea Dunking is a three-step process:

  • Dunk half the biscuit, suck/eat that dunked section;
  • Do it again, Dunk half of the remaining piece (a quarter of the original biscuit), and eat that;
  • Dunk the final triangle of biscuit, whilst pinching one corner.

If it is a chocolate biscuit, after you dunk it, lick off the chocolate at each stage before eating the biscuit underneath.

Dunking biscuits is a fine art and safe dunking time varies from biscuit to biscuit. However, there is one other critical influencing factor and that’s the temperature of your drink. Unsurprisingly, the hotter the cuppa, the quicker your chosen biscuit is likely to disintegrate. Therefore, just remember, patience is a virtue!

Happy dunking my friends!

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