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Tea Tasting

Step-by-Step Guide To Tea Tasting

Tea Tasting – How Do I Taste My Tea?

When we’re tasting tea, mainly we have to look for the following key features of selected tea,

  • Appearance – Is it twisted, rolled, or a natural, flat leaf?
  • Aroma/fragrance  -Smell the leaves before steeping. Do they smell grassy, smoky, or sweet?
  • Flavor – Is it citrusy, flowery, toasty, or fruity?
  • Color –  Is it a bright, deep color?
  • Mouthfeel – Is it sweet? Bitter? salty? acidic/sourness?

Let`s start Tasting

Let’s begin your tea-tasting journey by arranging your favorite teas into different categories and comparing them. It’s important to note that the flavors of tea can vary depending on the tea growing region, soil type, style of tea, and steeping time. You can learn more about the characteristics of Ceylon tea in each region by reading our post on “Ceylon Tea growing regions

  • How to Brew the Tea

To ensure the perfect cup of tea, it is important to know how to brew your tea properly. At Hellens Tea, we provide detailed instructions on how to brew each grade of tea in the product description. You can also find information on how to make the perfect cup of tea on all our product pages. Get ready for a delightful tea-tasting session with our expert guidance on tea brewing.

Crafting the Perfect Tea Tasting Experience: Understanding Flavor and Aroma

Did you know that up to 90% of flavor is perceived through smell? While our tongues detect four essential tastes – sweet, bitter, salty, and acidic – it’s our sense of smell that truly allows us to appreciate the nuances of tea.

At Hellens Tea, we believe that a good cup of tea takes you on a journey. With flavors ranging from grassy and floral to earthy and mineral, tea has the ability to transport you to different places and times.

During your tea-tasting experience, pay attention to the flavors and aromas that emerge. What memories do they evoke? What tastes are you experiencing on the back of your tongue long after that first sip?

With our well-described product descriptions and brewing instructions for each tea grade, you can confidently choose the perfect tea for your taste and preferences. Explore our selection today and start your own journey through the world of tea.

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